Robin Arnitz

Robin Arnitz's work deals with womanhood, often using self-portraits; specifically addressing gender inequality, interpersonal relationships, domestic life, the female body, and beauty’s subjectivity. Most of her works are expressive paintings that have a removed or abstracted figure and focus on surrounding details and patterns, but she has also branched into sculpture and digital art. Her influences include the work of 70s Feminist artists; the collage and collage-like images and material experimentation of Wangetchi Mutu and Mickalene Thomas; late work of Philip Guston; and the Expressionists and Neo-expressionists.

Arnitz is a member of Shift Gallery in Seattle, Washington and has exhibited nationally. She has an MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art in Painting and Drawing.

Artwork: Simple Joys, acrylic on canvas, 96x60"